The reason I got Netflix was to watch Dexter, I remember watching the whole 8 seasons in two weeks and a half. I was known to be that person obsessed with Dexter. So when I found out that Michael C. Hall was performing a play in London I knew I had to get tickets. Luckily my friend was interested in it too so we both decided to go.

The play itself was interesting – it is a sort of sequel to the David Bowie film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. I didn’t know this beforehand. I arrived at the theatre empty handed not knowing what the play was about or even knowing that it was linked to another film. All I knew was that I was going to watch Michael C. Hall sing David Bowie songs and the rest is just a bonus.

It was set at The Kings Cross theatre, a makeshift theatre temporarily placed there to feature a couple of plays. The theatre itself was disappointing. The bar was reasonably priced and it was quite warm for a makeshift theatre but the chairs and the placing of the stage were awful. The chairs were too close to each other in height meaning people at the back couldn’t see much. There were a lot of scenes where the actors were laying on the floor and you really had to stretch to see what was happening. I wasn’t really expecting a grandeur, plush velvet seat theatre but I just wish they had the stage higher so we didn’t have to stretch so much.

The play, on the other hand, was amazing. The orchestra was perfect, they created dimension by placing the orchestra on the stage behind glass windows. They utilised a big TV to capture things that would be difficult to see like Thomas Newton (Michael C Hall) laying on the ground on a makeshift rocket. The little girl, I believe she was an angel sent to help Newton to return home played by Sophia Anne Caruso was also amazing! It was a surprise to learn that she was only 15 years old. Her performance really struck a cord in my heart especially at the ending when the plot twist happens (no spoilers here).

I will admit I have followed the Lazarus playlist on Spotify and it’s been my jam ever since. Unfortunately, the play has ended but when it comes back I definitely recommend getting yourself a ticket!


About Angel Mika

I'm a second-year student in Portsmouth university studying Film Industries and Creative Writing.
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